Web Hosting

Black Marker provides reliable high-performance hosting for your web site and related internet services like email and domain name services. Working with us for hosting is simple for you — we take care of all the hardware, software and integration hassles so you can focus on your Internet marketing strategy.

Performance and Reliability

Black Marker’s recipe for premium hosting starts with one of the largest hosting companies in North America, iWeb in Montréal. iWeb provides rack space for our dedicated servers with a 24×7 staff, automated monitoring, redundant power and mind-boggling Internet connectivity. Black Marker adds off-site backup, more automated monitoring, and our own technology expertise. We use virtual server technology on our dedicated servers to ensure that all of our clients’ sites have the resources they need, then we monitor and adjust as needed.

Technology Choices

When it comes to production web sites, stability and community support are critical. Black Marker steers clear of bleeding edge technologies in favor of widely adopted software. We employ a mix of open-source and commercial technologies to create a blend that provides the flexibility required for growing web sites and the stability to keep the team focused on content instead of code.

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