Print Management

Black Marker has relationships with full-service, specialty and digital printers across North America. We’ve built our network of printers based on proven reliability and competitive pricing, so we can pass that on to you. Our printers prefer to work with us because they know the digital files they receive will work with their prepress equipment without hassles or delays.

For you, this means you don’t have to spend weeks searching for the right vendor or get stuck between an amateur designer and a prepress guy arguing about why the fonts in some MS Publisher document don’t look right on your 10,000 brochures.

Let Black Marker leverage our relationships and management experience to ensure that your job is delivered on-time, on-budget and with the accuracy and quality you demand.

We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of publishing software since our move from mechanical boards to mice over twenty years ago. There’s no substitute for a real “ink on paper” understanding of how print technology works. At Black Marker we’re proud to have pasted up, flapped, stripped, retouched, halftoned, plated, press checked, MatchPrinted, imposed and bluelined.

Put our experience to work for you — just don’t mind the ink under our fingernails.